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Image Retouching India

Image retouching is a way of giving alterations to an image and providing it with more of an enhanced look by removing scars, blemishes, adding extra exposure, clipping path, removing unwanted objects in the image or removing the background from the image. Image retouching techniques have been quite popular these days in glamour and photography fields where the stumpy side of a photograph is given a better symmetry and enhanced color scheme and thus providing it with a striking and eye-catching appeal. These techniques can vary from making the image look more even to using software based applications to make the subject look more beautiful and attractive.

Image Retouching

Image Retouching

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How Does Image Retouching Works?
Image retouching is chiefly done by removing the imperfections, enhancing the background and providing it with a better color scheme. There are many things that come under image editing from giving it natural warmth to a digital look. The professional photographers have their own photo retouching methods and softwares by which they employ image retouching and its final product can be seen in TV ads and magazines making image retouching tools much technical. These technicalities include brightening skin tone, softening the appearance, altering the skin features of subject, manipulations, air-brushing, and giving it more furnish to make it stunning. All you have to do is transfer the images to us along with your requirements and we will send you the processed images in 24 to 48 hours using FTP/Dropbox.

How the companies benefit by outsourcing Image Retouching Services?
Mostly e-commerce companies, fashion houses, models, advertising agencies, magazines and website providing personalized services are the main companies that benefit from our Image Retouching services. Also, photography studios and photographers are outsourcing their image retouching services to us to create beautiful and attractive photos out of simple ones. Earlier, only magazines and advertisers were our primary clients but now image retouching is being used by small and medium sizes companies, individuals etc.

Clipping Path India

Clipping path is a service where our clipping path specialists skillfully creates manual photoshop clipping path using the pen tool.

We at Creative Image Retouching India are a skilled lot of designers and image retouchers who adapt and learn with the times. We are forever updating our expertise in the software that we use to make your E-commerce online or print project look great!

If you take a look at our portfolio, you will be able to gauge the scope of our image retouching and clipping path capabilities. Worried about the charges related to outsourcing your work? Our prices are designed to a rate that is at least 60 to 70% lower than any price charged by an image retouching firm in your own country? What about quality of service you might ask? Do check out our extensive portfolio where we have taken the liberty to explain the work method that went through to modifying the image and or recreating it. Think ours is a service you’d benefit from? Then don’t hesitate to contact us! Please proceed to fill out a short form where you can state your question or inquiry and we shall get back to you in 24 hours!


Architectural Retouching Services

Creative Retouching helps architects, builders, interior designers across the world with their complex interior & exterior retouching work. A picture speaks more than words! This phrase goes very well with architectural images. And what is the best way to make the architecture images livelier? The answer is ‘Retouching’! Nowadays pictures are the most important elements to impress a customer. The photography cannot always be a perfect click and it requires later editing in order to make it a perfect picture. 

Architectural retouching

Architectural photography is increasingly being used in the advertising world. Architectural Retouching is not an as easy phenomenon as it seems. There are several problems when shooting example, sky is not blue in the background, unwanted trees in front of your beautiful glass facade modern building, unwanted wires in the interior shots, removal of inequities like scratches, spots, uneven coloring etc. are often are the obstacles in the creation of an ideal image. But we have our perfect solution to all these problems as we understand the value of your image better and we try our best to show its worth.

Model Retouching

Model Retouching has been quite a popular technique to edit a model portrait through Photoshop or other software making it look more glamorous and stunning. This technique includes using beauty retouching tools to provide the skin with even tone, whitening of the teeth, removing any scars, clearing blemishes, etc. and then putting brush and other beauty fine-tuning layers to enhance the portrait with final touch. Advertising agencies,  Magazines, and online web shops use our  model retouching and other image retouching services to make their models look attractive and beautiful.

Model Retouching

Model Retouching

Getting the imperfections of a model portrait transformed into a natural perfect image is quite a time consuming task and hence you can outsource this laborious model retouching job to us and concentrate on your core business.

To outsource your model retouching job to us in India, please email 2-3 JPG samples, along with your requirements to and we will revert back with a FREE Demo and Quote.

Images on White Background

Picture is worth a thousand words! In order for your images to stand out in this competitive market its very important that the background is removed from the picture and they all look uniform on a white background. Removing the background from the picture can be a very time consuming task and here is where we come in the picture.

Do you own a web shop and sell online? Than you will definitely require our exclusive images on white background service. Our professional team cuts around 1000 images on white background daily.  Images  on white background really looks appealing to customer’s who buy online. Since customer’s cannot see your products so they rely on good quality images. Take advantage of our exclusive service and sell your products online.

Images on White Background Service

Cutting Images on White Background, Remove Background

Mannequin Clipping Path

Mannequin Clipping Path

Mannequin Clipping Path

We often receive image editing requests of images that have mannequins modeling an outfit. (Example shown alongside.) We get orders to remove the background against which the mannequin was shot and also completely remove the mannequin from the image and also stitching the neckline on the images. This is also popularly called as Ghost Mannequin Retouching or Fashion Retouching.

These images are edited using a clipping path, that will be delivered to you in minimal turn around time and at affordable rates! In the past we have successfully completed fashion retouching orders of clothing images from famous international clothing brands like Lacoste and UCB. Outsource your garment image retouching and fashion retouching tasks to us at Creative Retouching.

Actress Photo Retouching

Actress Retouching

Actress Retouching

Our actress photo retouching service has come to be of great demand. Photographers have begun to seek out our image retouching services to help them clean up photographs taken by them. As a photographer it is possible that you might not have sufficient time or resources to carry out an image retouching job. At Creative Retouching, we help such professionals clean up photographs of actresses and actors to make them look flawless and extremely natural looking.

Actress Photo Retouching

Actress Photo Retouching

We at Creative Retouching are a set of skilled and experienced image editors who can turn around photographs from dull to radiant! Once we’re done with the retouching of these images, they can be further used in print mediums, flash banners and more.

If you are an individual model, fashion house, photographer, actress or anyone we have customized retouching solutions for each one of you. Contact us today to discuss further. Email –

Clipping Path and Mirror Effect

Clipping path with mirror effect is a very important in order to make the images look real. Once images have clipping path they can easily be transformed onto a new background. Images can be easily merged with other images in order to make a collage etc. When images are clipped they also require mirror effects in order to make the subject look real and authentic. Our professional work experience makes the images speak. They not only grab the attention of the customers but also induce them to buy the product online. Certain images looks good when they have clipping path with mirror effects, Kindly note that all images with clipping path does not require mirror effects.

Clipping Path with Mirror Effect

Clipping Path with Mirror Effect

Clipping path with mirror effects will not only compliment your website but will also increase your sales from 50-80%. Good images speak about the products and help you to achieve the desired sales target. Below are few examples so that you can understand clipping path with mirror effect concept….

Outsource Clipping path with Drop Shadows

Clipping path is essentially required by companies who want to sell their products online. No matter how good is the camera clipping path is required to remove unwanted backgrounds from the images and there is no automatic software or scripts available so far. So clipping path has to be done manually. Clipping path is traced by professionals who accurately mark each node to create a proper selection. Clipping path is very important so as to give a uniform look to entire set of images. In order to make the product looks realistic we make use of drop shadow technique. Drop shadow with clipping path make the product looks absolutely real and presentable.

Clipping path and Drop Shadows

Clipping path with Drop Shadows

Products like jewelry, clothes, cycles, toys, computers, laptops, Ipads, and mobile phone all are sold online. This products range from USD 10 to USD 100,000 but they all require clipping path and drop shadow. Below are some of the examples which we have done for various companies like, Airtel, Bluenile, Apple, Prada, Esprit and many more…….