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Photo Masking India

At Creative Retouching, our Photo Masking India services are quite popular with our clients. We use the photo masking option on images whose objects lack clear edges. For example, we often get model image retouching requests, in which the model had her hair flared out. Clipping around the model’s hair would make the image look over-processed, edgy and unreal. This is where we put our photo masking abilities to use.

Photo Masking

Outsource Photo Masking Service

Photo masking needs to be done carefully and neatly. Even slightly over masking an area of an image could render the image fake. Creating Retouching has image editors who are well versed and experienced in the concept and usage of masking tools. You are guaranteed a maximum level of output at unbeatable turnover rates and costs.

Once completed, these images can be used for further processing into catalogues, magazines etc.

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