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Silhouette Art

Silhouettes are innovative ways of depicting an image or picture where just a general outline and too much detail isn’t required. Though sometimes, silhouetted images prove to be more effective in communicating a message than a regular photograph or colored image. This is a great technique to emphasize and bring a viewer’s attention to a portion of the image. Silhouette images are easily created by keeping in mind a few easy and important steps.

Where are silhouette images used? Images like these can be used to demonstrate a position in physical exercise guides, children’s books, in digital banners and lots more.

Custom Silhouette Design

Custom Silhouette Design

Silhouette Artwork

Silhouette Artwork

Silhouette Clip Art

Custom Silhouette Clip Art

Apart from creating silhouette images we also offer an extensive list of allied services like:

  • Retouching of photographs,
  • Add contours to objects/images
  • Provide clipping paths to make your images seamless
  • Collage creation
  • Color balance correction
  • Lighting and contrast correction
  • Proportionately resize images
  • Remove backgrounds from images
  • And Lots More!

Creative Retouching Studio is an image editing and retouching company that can take care of all your image editing needs. We can easily transform batches of photographs or graphics to silhouettes in a matter of hours.  You can also order custom silhouettes design and custom silhouette portraits based on your concept and we will do the rest.

To know more about this service and how we can be of help to you, please contact us today!

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