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Outsource Clipping Path

When a product like a sweater is being shot, it’s usually being shot on a mannequin against a white background. (Though of course this isn’t necessarily the case at all times.) Images often come to us with the mannequin or model shot against a dark background. If you need the background or such images removed, we can assist you in doing so.

At Creative Retouching, we use the method of clipping paths to cleanly trace around the object (in this case the sweater) and remove any unwanted portions like the mannequin and background. By doing so it would seem like the image was shot with only the object on a clear white background. These images can further be used in advertisements, fliers and other print mediums.

These services are being offered by us at rates that are guaranteed to be at least 40 to 60% lower than the charges being applied for the same job in your own country. The quality of our work remains the same…the very best!

Outsource Clipping Path, Image Masking & Image cutting Services and  get your images processed faster than ever.

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